Oct 27, 2014

True Leadership is Servant Leadership

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

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The definition of leadership has little to do with authority, power, or control. Instead it is about investing in others, leading by example, and putting the needs of others above your own.

At Credera, leadership is not defined by a title or position. Regardless of his or her level we expect every employee — from administrator to partner — to lead well.  That means serving one another other, our clients, and our community with humility, integrity, and excellence.

At Credera, we intentionally endeavor to hire and develop servant leaders, because we believe the best way to make a lasting, positive impact is by serving others well. This is true when we are working to solve a client’s challenges or working as a team internally.

More than a buzzword, servant leadership walks the halls at Credera. And personally, I’ve witnessed this first hand.

Servant leadership is active when our Partner Team make sacrifices that are in the best interest of the entire company or when my mentor takes extra time out of her busy day to help me. Countless times I have watched as project managers have stayed late to help their team members finish a project— even after their portion of the work was complete. I believe it is this selfless attitude that makes the people at Credera wonderful individuals to work with.

It would be wrong to claim perfection in this area, but it is accurate to say our goal is to be a company made up of servant leaders. Our desire is not only to make a difference for our client companies, but also in our community and in the lives of the individuals whom we interact with daily.

To learn more about Credera’s values please visit our website or our careers page. We also invite you to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @Credera.

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