Oct 30, 2017

The Roster: Vol. 2

Ally White

Ally White

The Roster: Vol. 2

At Credera, we believe we’re truly better together. The Roster is a monthly series that allows you to get to know leaders at all levels across the firm.

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Andrew Stewart


Dallas, TX

  Passions Outside of Work: I love running, cycling, golfing and playing tennis, but find myself on the baseball diamond more often than not coaching my boys’ baseball and daughter’s softball teams. We are a pretty active family and love to spend as much time as we can outside.

Favorite App: Easy – Google Maps because it helps me navigate the Dallas traffic. However, TeamSnap has played an important role in my life as of late keeping my three kids’ activities and sport schedules up-to-date.

Life Hack: Always set your car key down with your sunglasses when at a restaurant, friend’s house, or anywhere you go. To avoid losing my sunglasses like I have in the past, I’ve married them to my car key and I’ve found I can’t get far without my sunglasses.

Favorite Sports Team: I’m a loyalist to the hometown team. Born and raised in Dallas, attended SMU, and grew up a Cowboys, Mavs, Rangers, and Stars fan. My team is the SMU Mustangs and I still remember the smell of Mrs. Baird’s bread on Saturday afternoons while watching the Ponies win, lose, or draw.

Favorite Credera Memory: Being on-stage with one of our great clients as they received The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) Best Practice Award for Real-time Analytics. What a great milestone on a fantastic journey seeing our client go from just an idea to realizing the benefit of operationalizing customer analytics and helping change an industry.

Role Model & Biggest Influence: My Grandfather. When I was growing up spending summers on the farm in Colorado my grandfather taught me a ton about life, hard work, and leadership. Grandpa would intentionally give me much more responsibility than a young city-boy deserved, but provide me just enough assistance to allow me to wrestle with the challenge.

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Allison De La Torre


Dallas, TX

  Passions Outside of Work: Staying active, traveling, maintaining friendships around the world, and trying new things (e.g. bucket lists.) A few things on my life Bucket List are to go paragliding, go heli-skiing, do a Bible tour in Israel, and to learn to roll my R’s so I can actually say my own last name with a Spanish accent.

Favorite Sports TeamPittsburgh Penguins. Hockey is the most interesting and fun sport to watch, in my opinion; and the Penguins are a super strong team, as proven by back-to-back Stanley Cup wins… Sorry, Dallas natives.

Music PlaylistSpotify’s “Discover Weekly” or “Release Radar” auto-curated playlists. The more variety the better, otherwise I wouldn’t know what to listen to.

Personal Goals: Visit at least 50 countries by age 50, and be trilingual by age 25 in English, Spanish, and now German (due to my sister marrying a German).

Personal Values: Relationship with Jesus, family, friends, health, travel, and making memories together.

Client Experience Highlight: Having such a good relationship with one of our client’s HR Managers that she offered to drive me back to the Nebraska airport, which was an hour drive. We wanted to keep working on writing user stories until we finished our goal, so I typed while she drove – and we finished just before arriving at the airport!

Best Advice You’ve Ever Been Given: When I was trying to figure out what job I wanted after college, my dad taught me: Find a company where you can grow, not just a job or role that you think you want to be doing. A healthy working environment can carry you through a less-than-perfect role, but no role can be perfect enough to carry you through an unhealthy work environment.

Role Model: Both of my parents. Their prayers for me are the reason I went to the university I did, I moved to Dallas, I sought and found Credera, and I am who I am today. It’s an understatement to say they’ve had the greatest influence and are my biggest role models.

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Stuart Wilcox


 Dallas, TX

  “Now Playing”: Shooter is a series at the top of my list right now, but my wife and I are really excited about the latest seasons of Mr.Robot and Stranger Things. Also, my wife and I may or may not be rewatching Friends, and reliving our adolescent years… Don’t judge us!

Favorite Book: My all-time favorite book has to be The Great Gatsby, but my current favorite book is Through the Eyes of a Lion by Levi Lusko. It is an amazing personal journey story of the Lusko family, what they have gone through and how they have come out on the other side of unbelievable hardship.

Office Music Playlist: I jump around a lot on what I listen to. Most days it starts with Dave Ramsey podcasts, and then maybe some Halsey, Ryan Adams, Radiohead, deadmau5, Garth Brooks, etc… Yes, it’s a random playlist. “Shuffle” and I are pretty tight friends. In the afternoon, it is usually more podcasts by various leaders that I enjoy learning from.

Personal Goal: I would love to get to the point in the next year or two where I can enter in a 2-gun shooting match (rifle and pistol). Recently, I’ve found that I enjoy this discipline. I like the idea of pushing myself to become better and better through competition.

Personal Values: God, family, church, and work. Those are the most important things in my life, and I make a point to keep these a priority in that order.

Best Advice You’ve Ever Been Given: The best advice I received was from an article Justin Bell wrote about Josh Hamit. When Justin asked Josh what advice he would give a new Crederian he said, “Whenever you’re working with someone, identify at least one thing they do better than you—and learn all about that thing from that person. Be humble and let them teach you.” That line has stuck with me since the beginning of my time at Credera.

Biggest Influence at Credera: David Dobat. David is always asking how we can make things better and improve our systems, staying on top of new tech, wanting to try new things, and willing to try something and then go back to the drawing board when it doesn’t work. He is consistently looking forward and asking why or why not.

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