Nov 02, 2023

The AI Global Council featured in Forbes

Credera Team

Credera Team

The AI Global Council featured in Forbes

As AI continues to revolutionize the technology landscape for businesses, leaders are grappling with how to take advantage of the potential and respond appropriately. While there is immense potential with the latest AI developments, there are equally immense challenges – from the potential for misinformation and copyright issues, to ethical questions, to even deciding if your organization is ready for AI and where to focus efforts.

To address some these pressing issues, Credera founded the AI Global Council. The AI Global Council is an international consortium comprised of leading experts, policymakers, industry leaders, and academics from diverse fields related to AI that have a vision to foster collaboration and help other organizations avoid the mistakes that come with the development and adoption of AI.

Forbes recently published “New Global AI Council Pioneers Insights To Shape The Future Of Artificial Intelligence”, and interviewed Vincent Yates, founding member of the AI Global Council and Chief Data Scientist for Credera and OPMG, to learn more about the Council.

Below is a quick summary of their conversation. Continue to read the full article here.

The evolution of AI in 2023

While AI is not new, it’s suddenly all everyone is talking about because of the availability of the latest generation of AI technology.

Yates shared, “If you look back at other transformative technologies, there was a huge barrier to entry. In the early days of personal computing, you had to have incredibly expensive machines that required highly esoteric programming knowledge that was out of reach of most people. It was only when those devices had graphical user interfaces and better user experiences that guided users without as much specialized training that they really began to become transformative.”

Yet while AI is a strategic priority for more than 80% of corporations, over 80% of AI projects never make it past the proof-of-concept stage. This is one of the many places the AIGC hopes to add value.

The creation of the AIGC

The Council is made up of AI leaders with deep expertise and experiences from leading organizations, such as McDonald’s, Mastercard, and AWS.

Yates shared, “We were constantly struck by the abysmal track record of enterprises successfully deploying AI. In our experience, we do not see one consistent problem that must be solved but rather a whole tapestry of challenges that end up stymying progress within organizations.”

The AI Global Council came together as a prominent advocate for bridging the AI knowledge gap, empowering individuals and organizations to make informed decisions about AI adoption, and fostering an ethical and inclusive AI landscape.

The Council shares how top-tier executives see the future, how their organizations are setting themselves up for success with AI technology, and what lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Interested in learning more?

The AI Global Council is focused on taking amorphous and challenging topics and sharing a balanced and holistic perspective that can move everyone forward.

To explore more about the AI Global Council, follow along on LinkedIn or reach out at

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