Aug 26, 2020

Pride Month Recap: Advocates and Allies

Dana Smith
Ellie Miller
Annie Brennan

Dana Smith, Ellie Miller, and Annie Brennan

Pride Month Recap: Advocates and Allies

During this year’s Pride month, OPEN Pride Credera wanted to bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement’s call for equality with our Pride programming. Instead of a party or a parade, our events encouraged attendees to become better advocates and allies for both the Black and LGBT+ communities. OPEN Pride Credera’s programming consisted of multiple educational events and a fundraiser that raised $2,350 for the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition (BTAC).

The highlights from OPEN Pride Credera’s Pride month included:

Book Club: A Discussion of “The Missing Colors of the Rainbow

A group of Credera teammates got together to discuss this article examining queer activism and black activism, the tensions between them, and the Black Lives Matter movement. The attendees examined their own relationships to race, activism, and what we all could do to better uplift marginalized voices in the future.

Missing Colors of the Rainbow
Missing Colors of the Rainbow

Working Out for a Cause: Virtual Pride 5K

The weekend of June 20-21, OPEN Pride Credera and Credera allies donned their masks and Pride attire to participate in a virtual 5K. Participants could complete the 5K in any fashion they pleased—walking, running, biking, hiking, or even sashaying. We had 20 participants complete their 5K over the weekend and made several donations to The Center on Colfax in Denver to benefit the LGBT+ community of Colorado.

Pride 5k
Pride 5k

Working Out for a Cause: Virtual Full-Body Workout

We hosted a virtual donation-based workout to raise money for our chosen cause, the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition (more below). 13 Credera team members sweated it out!

Pride Virtual Workout Event
Pride Virtual Workout Event

Fundraising: The Black Trans Advocacy Coalition

OPEN Pride Credera wanted to bring greater awareness to the alarming adversity that Black Trans women face during the Pride event programming. We set up a fundraising effort to benefit the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition (BTAC). This organization was chosen because of their work and deep connection to Black trans issues, and their advocacy for policy change, community education, and empowerment. We were able to raise $2,350 toward this important cause.

Pride in Solidarity

For our first event open to other Omnicom OPEN Pride chapters, OPEN Pride Credera highlighted how to be an active ally and the ways brands can be authentic in their advocacy. These topics were especially relevant as allyship for the LGBT+ and Black communities can take many forms. By addressing tangible examples of allyship and best practices, we hope attendees feel empowered to speak up in their daily lives.

OPEN Pride Credera pivoted its Pride Month programming in response to the social movements happening at that time. The additional and altered programming proved that understanding, listening, and being an active ally to other marginalized groups creates growth and influences change.

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