Jan 12, 2010

Order Management Systems – A Solution Provider Overview

Credera Team

Credera Team

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An Order Management System (OMS), also known as Order Processing System (OPS), facilitates order entry and processing. Orders may enter the OMS via an online shopping cart or via manual data entry for phone and/or mail orders. Typical functions of an OMS are:

  • Capture customer and account information

  • Credit/funds availability verification

  • Payment authorization and processing

  • Integrated inventory availability, allocation, and control

  • Order processing for warehouse fulfillment (i.e., picking, packing, shipping)

  • Integrated marketing and customer relationship management

If you do an online search of Order Management software solutions, you’ll get over 60 different search results back. The marketplace for OMS solutions is growing, especially as companies seek to implement multi-channel sales strategies.

In 2008, Forrester researched eight of the top ten leading Order Management hubs, which offer fully integrated order management solutions.

Leaders included:

  • Sterling Commerce

  • Orable E-Business Suite

  • Oracle Siebel

  • SAP

  • Epicor Software

Strong Performers included:

  • Microsoft

  • Amdocs

  • Manhattan Associates

Forrester found that, “Sterling Commerce and Oracle E-Business Suite led the pack among the Leaders who delivered technologies that support the perfect order. Meanwhile, Oracle Siebel, SAP, and Epicor Software earned their Leader designation because of their strong support for end-to-end order management processes and forward-looking product strategies. Microsoft, Amdocs, and Manhattan Associates placed in the Strong Performer category for their specialization in targeted markets.”

Other leading or rising OMS solutions include:

Full-service E-Commerce, Order Management and Fulfillment Providers

  • GSICommerce

  • Vcommerce

Mid-to-Large Target Market

  • Avexxis Professional

  • Dydacomp Mail Order Manager

  • Escalate Retail Order Management

  • Micros-Retail CommercialWare

Mid Target Market

  • StoneEdge Order Manager

  • Order Motion OMX

Soon, we anticipate Gartner will reveal their latest marketscope on Order Management Systems, and we can incorporate their findings to this overview.

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