Jun 14, 2018

OpenGive: Serving STEM Nonprofits in Denver

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

OpenGive: Serving STEM Nonprofits in Denver

On April 28, 2017, Credera brought a group of volunteers together to develop an application to help track student progress for three Denver-based science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) nonprofits: KidsTek, Open World Learning (OWL), and the Colorado Association of Black Professional Engineers and Scientists (CABPES). It’s part of OpenGive, an open-source program created by Credera with the goal of building a community of socially conscious technology professionals, working together to help nonprofit organizations execute their missions through technology.

“The goal for this application is to create a repository of all the information we keep on our courses and our students,” says Richard Liner, executive director of KidsTek.

“This tool is one that none of the organizations have right now, but something that we all need,” says Mark Smith, a board member with CABPES.

OpenGive is a perfect representation of the heart and values of Credera. It is an opportunity for Credera employees as well as other technologists in the Denver area to use their technology expertise and business acumen to make a lasting difference by serving organizations in their local community.

“It has been awe-inspiring working with Credera on this activity,” says Lucy Jayes, a development specialist with OWL. “I’m amazed by the dedication of so many people to spend their weekends on something that might not benefit them directly.”

The application is now being used by all three STEM nonprofits. It has significantly improved the way each group serves students by enabling better knowledge management and recording keeping, which equips students to continue pursuing education in technology and science fields.

“We are using the platform as a repository for both our student’s work and as a tool for our instructors to be able to see what projects are being completed in other KidsTek classrooms,” says Liner. “The instructor tool aspect was really not contemplated at the outset of the project, but because of the flexibility of the platform, we were able to utilize it for this purpose as well. We’re really thankful to Credera and all of the partners who made this project possible and did such a great job with it.”

To learn more about OpenGive and other ways Credera employees give back to their local communities, visit our Careers page or our #LifeAtCredera blog series.

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