May 18, 2015

Nodeschool International Day

Sam Simmons
Steven Gangstead
Michael Davis

Sam Simmons, Steven Gangstead, and Michael Davis

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This month, we’re shedding the confines of self executing functions and clobbering the global namespace. The node community is putting on the first ever Nodeschool International Day on May 22nd-23rd. We’ll be joining other Nodeschools across the globe for extended sessions of learning you some node. We’re also live streaming concurrent events to enjoy extreme code and cool accents.


WARNING This event introduces breaking changes! We’re meeting Friday evening on May 22nd at the Addison Treehouse instead of our normal 4th Wednesday at Credera. See the Meetup event for details and please RSVP there as well.


The night will feature two tracks: You can level up your node skills with any of the workshoppers on Or, we’re working on a new workshopper for the commander.js module that you can contribute to. We plan to map out the exercises ahead of time so you can choose one that interests you and flesh it out. Head on over to the repo and submit an issue or pull request now if you would like to brainstorm ahead of time with us.

Async Await

Looking forward to seeing you there. Bring your laptop!

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