Jan 23, 2019

Inc. Highlights Credera as a Prime Destination for Ambitious Job Seekers

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

Inc. Highlights Credera as a Prime Destination for Ambitious Job Seekers

For ambitious types looking to strategically grow their careers, the new year can be an excellent time to find new opportunities. Recently, published an article that highlights three important factors to consider when looking at your next role and mentioned Credera as a key example.

Three factors to consider when plotting your next career move:

1. Long-Term Opportunities and Growth:

For maximum payoff it is critical to work for an organization that is positioned for lasting growth. These types of companies tend to have great, long-term opportunities for job seekers. According to the article’s author, Rhett Power, Omnicom’s recent acquisition of Credera positions the company for capability expansion and rapid growth, which means great things for job seekers.

“I’m excited about what this means for emerging leaders in our firm. Great career growth opportunities are inevitable as we seek to further expand the Credera footprint nationally and work to double the size of our employee family. That growth, along with our structured career model, provide excellent opportunities for our team,” says Justin Bell, Credera’s president.

2. A Positive Environment:

Regardless of the potential a role might offer, it’s not a great opportunity if it comes with a bad work environment. Since an average of 36% of our waking hours are spent at work, it is not worth the sacrifice to your health or wellbeing to accept a role at an unhealthy work environment.

“Instead, look for companies that foster challenging but supportive environments. You want to be pushed to improve and succeed—that’s how you’ll build your skill set, after all—but you don’t want to feel penalized for taking risks,” says Power. “You also don’t want to work at a place that ignores your existence as a human being outside the office.”

3. Work That Is Enjoyable

Though it might sound obvious, career success correlates to job enjoyment. While the growth potential is certainly a plus, job seekers should prioritize opportunities where the work they will be doing is enjoyable and worthwhile.

“Five years fly by when they’re spent doing work that plays to your strengths, allows you to flex your creative muscles, or sparks your interest,” says Power. “If your work feels like a way of passing the time until something better happens, those five years will drag.”

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