Sep 25, 2017

Houston Strong

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

Houston Strong

Crederians have always been committed to investing in our local communities. Yet, when devastation and destruction strikes in our own backyard, it feels more personal.

Credera’s Houston office is home to dozens of talented consultants and the city itself hosts many valued clients.

The Credera family is eager to find ways to rally alongside our Houston employees affected by the storm and those in need in South Texas. Credera has committed a cash donation to support the immediate relief efforts. However, we also recognize there will be many ways to serve our friends in Houston in the months to come. With this in mind, Credera Houston and other employees that have impacted families will been given 40 additional hours of paid time off to help others. Several group help efforts will be organized by employees to travel to Houston to serve. In addition, Credera is planning to support ongoing relief efforts by designating Houson relief and restore efforts as our primary community service project for FY 2018. Plans are to be developed but this will enable the entire firm to help with on the ground relief and restoration efforts as well as additional cash donation opportunities.

“Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey,” said David Dobat, Credera Vice President. “Our hope has always been to make sustained, meaningful and positive differences in the communities where we live. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, jumping in to serve those in need is the very least we can do. We look forward to many more opportunities to serve those in need in South Texas—whether they are our Credera family members, clients or strangers—over the next year.”

“I’m speechless at the love this company has for its employees and the employees have for their coworkers,” says Logan Ford, Houston-based Credera consultant. “When I see parts of Houston still underwater and so many homes destroyed, I’m incredibly moved to know that Credera is giving so much to help heal this city.  I continue to be reminded that the people at this company are living for more than just themselves – they are living and breathing examples of humility in the world.”

Lastly, it has been encouraging to witness the generosity of several of our clients. To mention a few of them, our friends at Gold’s Gym are selling t-shirts to benefit the JJ Watt Houston Flood Relief Fund, Chili’s Bar & Grill donated all profits from Tuesday, September 5th to local food banks affected by the tragedy, and C-Level leaders from TBK Bank spent several days in a flatbed boat physically rescuing those trapped in their homes.

Thank you to all those who are pitching in to help serve others during this time.

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