May 03, 2019

Friends Helping Friends

Ally White

Ally White

Friends Helping Friends

“I want to know you, your story, your background, and your values. At the core of it, we’re just friends trying to help friends.” – Kevin McDonald, Vice President and Managing Partner of Credera’s Houston Office

A Personal Connection

At Credera, our goal is always to get to know our clients as people first. We strive to develop authentic and genuine relationships in order to create trust and transparency in the relationship from the very beginning. For us, it’s all about establishing a personal connection with our clients because at the end of the day, we’re simply friends helping friends.

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Kevin McDonald explains the thinking behind the figure above, “Most firms think about things from the outside in, what industry do I want to focus on, what account? And then the human is last. Our model is completely different, it’s the inner core out. At the end of the day, it’s about developing authentic relationships.”

Creating Lifelong Relationships

When friends are helping friends, lifelong relationships are created. It’s all about forming a genuine relationship from the very beginning. From the start of the relationship, we partner with our clients and have their best interest at heart.

This partnership and servant-leadership mentality all comes back around to Credera’s core values. Professionalism, excellence, integrity, and humility aren’t just words we have on our website but are the heartbeat of the firm. The people at Credera are always putting their client’s needs above their own, and truly exhibit the value of humility on a day to day basis. They are willing to put their personal motivations and priorities aside to go the extra mile for a client and do what is best for them to reach their goals or vision.

For someone who may be questioning if this is too good to be true, don’t take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say in the video below.

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