Jun 15, 2017

Company Trip 7.1

Josh Hamit

Josh Hamit

Company Trip 7.1

At Credera, we like to make goals. We set goals to continuously improve and push both ourselves and each other. We set daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, etc. Since goals are meant to stretch us, they’re aggressive and we don’t always hit them. But when we hit a goal, we celebrate. And when we hit a big goal, we celebrate big!

So this past February, after a year of fast-paced, high-intensity work and months of trip planning and preparation, we were more than ready to celebrate the achievement of our company-wide financial goals. Which is why it was so devastating when all the flights to Southern California were cancelled along with our big trip. We had all packed, planned and prepared and were excitedly gathered at the airport when the big red letters on the monitor, displayed the words: “CANCELLED”.

But during that disappointing February morning at the airport I was reminded of how blessed I am to work with such incredible people. Despite the difficult situation, frustrating customer service, and having to make decisions on partial information, I saw Crederians rallying together to do what we do best – solve tough challenges.

At the airport I saw my Credera friends:

  • Serving each other and spouses to make sure nobody was left behind

  • Having fun, playing board games at the gate

  • Coordinating creative contingency plans

  • Finding the best flights for each other so that groups could fly/UberXL together

  • Communicating and addressing booking issues as they came up

  • Making new connections and getting to know each other

Ultimately, the trip was cancelled in hopes of rescheduling. But despite the disappointment, I was encouraged by the way our team worked through the tough situation.

Which makes it all the more exciting that, after several more months of hard work and preparation by the trip planning committee, we are about to embark on Company Trip 7.1, Credera in the Hills – Laguna Beach! And I couldn’t imagine spending the time with a better group of folks.

To my Crederians, thanks for another year at the best place to work.

P.S. As if you’re not excited enough, here’s the awesome trip trailer that our very own Austin Walker created:

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