Oct 31, 2016

Credera Promotes Justin Bell to President

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

Credera Promotes Justin Bell to President

Credera proudly announces Justin Bell’s promotion to President, effective October 1, 2016.

Justin brings over 17 years of consulting and technology experience across a wide range of industries including digital, retail, entertainment, transportation, medical, and hospitality.  Justin is originally from Tulsa, Ok and met his wife Karla at Oklahoma State University.  Justin and Karla have been married for over 16 years and have two children, Grady and Riley.

Justin joined Credera as a Manager in 2004 and has consistently demonstrated his commitment to Credera’s core values while working with clients to deliver outstanding results.

“Over the past twelve years, Justin Bell has consistently demonstrated he is ready for the next level by his leadership, high character, excellent client-service and expertise in digital and IT strategy,” says Rob Borrego, Chief Executive Officer. “Justin is an incredible corporate athlete—with each new responsibility that is entrusted to him, he rises to the challenge. Justin improves and adds significant value to the teams and clients he serves. In every step of his career, he has proven that he has the best interest of the firm in mind. I could not be more thrilled for Justin to take on this new role!”

As President, Justin will lead Credera’s consulting operations including business development, staffing and project execution as well as overall strategic planning for the firm. He will guide Credera’s Leadership Team and Partner Team as they work to accomplish strategic goals set by the Board and CEO. These responsibilities will be in addition to ongoing business development and client relationship management.

Q&A with Justin Bell, President of Credera

We sat down with Justin to talk about his plans for the future and key lessons over his 12-year career at Credera.

What are you most excited about in this new position?

I’ve had an amazing 12 years at Credera. There have been tremendous opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. During that time, I’ve really enjoyed the challenge and variety of work alongside a great group of people.

The thing I’m most excited about is the opportunity to work across our entire business to ensure others are getting a similarly great experience.  It is an exciting time to be at Credera.  Our team is better and deeper than it has ever been, while we are helping our clients with really interesting, strategic and innovative projects.

Where do you see Credera in the next five years?

As part of our 2020 strategic plan, we outlined two key objectives that will heavily influence our strategy over the next several years.  First, we want to be THE destination employer of consulting talent and, secondly, we want to be known as the most innovative consulting firm in the United States.  Those are both aspirational, but they will drive our team to achieve our potential.  We believe that healthy, profitable growth is a natural byproduct of a well executed strategy.

To what do you attribute your career growth and success at Credera?

I joined Credera because I was looking for an opportunity to lead and make a major contribution, while utilizing my technology experience to help solve business problems. When I joined the company I was employee number twelve. There were plenty of chances for me to step up, take on new challenges and grow in leadership and technology expertise.

When I’m recruiting, I look for people with a few key attributes.  First, have they demonstrated past success professionally, academically, athletically or in some other aspect of their life?  Secondly, do they show grit, determination and strong work ethic?  Thirdly, do they have high emotional intelligence, are they self-aware, socially aware and do they connect well with other people?  And lastly, are they are a good team player and can I see them being a positive addition to the Credera culture?  I feel like I have these attributes and they’ve helped me be successful at Credera.

Others Agree.

Justin is well deserving of his new title. We look forward to the future of Credera with Justin as President.

“Credera’s growth over the last 12 years has been outstanding,” says David Dobat, Vice President. “We are blessed with an amazing team of highly qualified, high-integrity professionals who help our clients with their toughest challenges. Credera’s dynamic growth paired with an outstanding company culture has created an environment that produces gifted leaders. Justin Bell, our new President, is one of those leaders. I can think of no other leader that is more uniquely gifted to take on this new role. Our clients, employees, and community will all benefit from Justin’s thoughtfulness, high character, and capable leadership gifts. As we set our sights on our 2020 goals, I am pleased to have Justin serve in this exciting role and rest assured that, as good as things are now, Credera’s best days lie ahead.”

“I’m very excited for Justin and his new role as President of Credera,” says Matt Levy, Credera’s Founder and Managing Director. “He has worked hard over the last 12 years establishing himself as a servant-leader to our people, clients and the leadership team. He has consistently demonstrated Credera’s values. Two values in particular stick out in Justin’s life, excellence and humility. Justin has set a terrific example leading great work with our teams while actively putting the interests of others ahead of himself. He works through disagreements in a healthy, honoring and helpful way. Leadership isn’t a difficult concept to understand, but it is difficult to consistently live out over a long period of time. Justin has set an example for all of us to follow. I am thankful for Justin’s leadership and friendship. There is no doubt in my mind he will continue to be outstanding in his new role.”

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