Oct 26, 2016

Celebrating Together

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

Celebrating Together

At Credera, we love to celebrate together. Whether the “win” is personal—like a promotion, a wedding, or a new Credera baby—or corporate—like achieving a significant financial milestone or winning a national award—the Credera family stands ready to raise a toast and celebrate.

I often find myself admiring the grit and determination of my peers at Credera. As a whole, we are a team of achievers, goal-setters who are resolute on ensuring we help our clients, regardless of how challenging the task.

Great leaders, like my friend Jake, know what it’s like to work tirelessly to achieve a goal. He and his team recently led a client through the redesign and launch of a complex ecommerce site after over a year of hard work and above-and-beyond client service.

Rick is another example. He has diligently served a large Credera client for over 5 years, helping them grow into a multi-billion-dollar organization. He and his team have spent countless hours working alongside the client to help them achieve major milestones, build an industry leading application and seamlessly merge a complex IT infrastructure after multiple mergers and acquisitions.

We’ve learned that hard work is more meaningful when we pause to recognize it, reflect on what we’ve learned, and high-five one another. That’s why company meetings often include cake and champagne and celebratory emails sprinkle our inboxes like confetti.

In my opinion, one of the best ways Credera celebrates success is our company trip. Every year we reach our financial goals as a company, the entire Credera family—spouses included—jump on a plane to enjoy time together in a fun destination!

This past year, we flew to New Orleans eager to spend a weekend enjoying excellent meals, dancing the night away at a masquerade ball, and laughing together…a lot! As we checked into the Ritz Carlton resort in NOLA, every guest found a letter from Rob Borrego, Chief Executive Officer, explaining the purpose behind the weekend:

“FY15 was our best financial year ever. It was through your diligence, teamwork, and strong commitment to our values, that we have exceeded the highest goals set in the history of the firm. These accomplishments are worth pausing to celebrate! Now, it is time to relax, reflect, and have a blast together. My hope and prayer is that each of you will use this trip to celebrate our success, build new friendships, deepen old friendships, and have fun! I sincerely hope this weekend you are reminded of how much we value each of you at Credera.”

The weekend was exactly that—a time of celebration, relaxation and fun together.

Reflecting on one of her favorite memories of the company trip, Amanda Dearman, member of the 2016 Company Trip Committee and a Senior Consultant in Credera’s Denver office, said, “We got to walk around New Orleans in a masquerade two-line with a police escort and a band in front of us. It was like we were saying, ‘We are Credera, this is us.’ It was really special!”

It’s memories like these, seasoned by the accomplishment of a job well done—and all the hours of personal growth and teamwork that accompany achieving a great goal—that creates a unique camaraderie among Crederians that I’ve not experienced anywhere else.

Cheers to another year of working and celebrating hard together!


We’re “open-sourcing” the Credera culture in a series called Life at Credera. We are sharing an authentic perspective on what we are learning and where we are growing. We are talking about friendships and fungrowth, higher purpose, talent and character, leadership, and communication.

We hope this series is a helpful resource on the continuous pursuit of a great culture. And we hope the results are encouraging to our company, employees, clients, and friends.

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