Oct 06, 2011

EmployBridge Process Automation Increases Productivity and Improves Service Delivery

Credera Team

Credera Team

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The Opportunity

EmployBridge is a national leader in staffing and workforce solutions with 155 branches/on-sites and 7 brands. The company recognized that it needed to streamline their job application process. The goal was to replace a time-consuming, paper-based system for managing job applicants with a more flexible, efficient, and cost-effective solution. Automating the process would better serve the applicants and client companies.

The Approach

Credera worked closely with EmployBridge to design and implement an online application solution that supported the entire job application process from the candidate’s initial application to final matching of the candidates to jobs. The online solution became known as Online Application Entry (OAE), a custom built application that is transparent to users, but supports the entire application process. In effect, OAE took the place of their applicant tracking system, and the Credera application was further integrated with other applications used by EmployBridge for background checks and staffing placements.

The Results

“We can calculate a clear return on in-vestment with our OAE solution, based on greater efficiencies and lower operating costs,” said Chris Loope, CIO EmployBridge. “Equally important, this solution has helped us serve our applicants and clients even better ― and that’s always our goal at EmployBridge.”

Automating manual processes and delivering an online solution provided many benefits to EmployBridge, job applicants, and client companies. These benefits include:

  • 400% increase in application processing per month

  • Reduced tasks from hours to minutes

  • Increase speed and accuracy for matching qualified applicants

  • Better able to serve clients and applicants by providing online ability, 24/7

  • National view of applications to better improve matching process and customer experience

  • Enabled client to consolidate locations without affecting service delivery

  • E-Signature eliminates the need to print 1.5M sheets (equivalent to 180 trees) of paper per year

  • Web based platform resulted in increased website traffic of 192%

The Technologies


  • SQL Server

  • .NET Remoting

  • .NET Web Services

  • .NET Windows Services

  • SQL Reporting Services

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