Feb 07, 2012

Broadleaf Commerce – A Premiere Open Source eCommerce Platform

Credera Team

Credera Team

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Broadleaf Commerce was recently recognized on in an article entitled, “10 Open Source Shopping Carts to Run Your eCommerce Business”  Credera has long known Broadleaf Commerce to be a premiere open source shopping cart.  In fact, it has been Credera’s experience that Broadleaf Commerce is a premiere enterprise eCommerce platform.  Companies using Broadleaf Commerce are able to improve efficiency, capitalize on competitive advantages, and increase revenue.

Broadleaf Commerce was founded in 2008 in direct response to the emerging needs of online retailers.  The company’s mission is to provide businesses with core functionality required for online transactions while significantly reducing costs and improving efficiency.  Broadleaf Commerce was the first company to develop an open source, enterprise-ready eCommerce solution using the widely adopted Spring Framework, a leading platform to build and run enterprise Java applications.  The flexible and extensible framework is easily customizable for specific business needs and allows organizations to reposition software licensing dollars to other business improvement initiatives.

Broadleaf Commerce continues to focus on developing and enhancing its eCommerce platform.  The latest version of Broadleaf Commerce offers a newly improved administration platform featuring enhanced catalog, merchandising, and promotion capabilities.  The administration platform is entirely rewritten using Google Web Toolkit.  Content Management features allow sites to personalize promotional content based on any data the site has available for the customer.  Additionally, the ability to maintain internationalized messages, pages, and structured content is supported.

“We are excited about the new promotion and content management components,” said Brian Polster, President of Broadleaf Commerce.  “They complement the existing core eCommerce features nicely.  Our goal is to provide a highly customizable and scalable eCommerce platform that works well for any Java site with a focus on the needs of enterprise eCommerce customers.”

Credera is a Premiere Implementation Partner for Broadleaf Commerce  and will continue to be a leader in the implementation of eCommerce platforms, including Microsoft, ATG, and open source.  Credera maintains a client-centric approach, which allows its consultants to collaborate with the client to make recommendations that fit the company’s business objectives.

“We are thrilled to be a Premiere Implementation Partner for Broadleaf Commerce.  The open source eCommerce platform offers tremendous potential for the retail community,” said Rob Borrego, President and CEO of Credera. “Our partnership with Broadleaf Commerce brings together the product creators with Credera’s consultants who have deep technical expertise and knowledge of open source solutions. It’s a win-win for any client.”

Broadleaf Commerce Advantages

  • No licensing fees

  • Offers support through inexpensive maintenance contracts

  • Framework leverages best of breed open source technologies (i.e., Spring, Hibernate, JPA, etc.) your developers probably already know

  • Extensible design enables developers ultimate control over behavior and configuration

  • Platform was designed with scalability in mind

  • Features a rich administration system and is fully customizable

  • Offers a sophisticated promotion engine and provides personalized content targeting

  • Developed by highly skilled engineers and architects who have experience with some of the world’s highest volume eCommerce sites

  • Broadleaf Commerce provides eCommerce without limits

For additional information about Broadleaf Commerce, visit email

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