Aug 18, 2016

Announcing Credera Cup Season Two!

Joshua Casey
Scott Stevenson

Joshua Casey and Scott Stevenson

Announcing Credera Cup Season Two!

We’re excited to announce that season two of Credera Cup is live. Credera Cup is a Formula 1 race car simulation game set up as a series of progressively difficult programming challenges.

We’ve upped the ante this season by adding more configuration options for your race car to handle changing weather and track conditions. A new practice feature lets you test drive the new options and gather your own data on how the car performs so when it comes to race day you can maximize your speed and performance.

New Car Options

A race car is more than just fuel and tires, and this season we’re giving you more control of your car. We’ve added options to adjust the spoiler angle, camber, and air intake to go along with last season’s tire and fuel options. By adjusting these values, you can take control of how your car burns fuel and wears tires in different weather conditions and on different tracks. Oh by the way, they are now different tracks with different lap counts and turns.


Racing teams spend most of their time on the test track running their car through various scenarios to see how it performs. Credera Cup introduces the same concept for our players to give them ample opportunity to learn how their car performs in different setups so that come race time they are ready to handle any situation.


Season two will have 10 different race tracks to test your ability to adapt your car to the track. Each track will have a different number of turns, laps, and weather conditions. These will be outside your control, but the same for all racing teams. You will get one attempt for each circuit and your race time for season two will be the sum of each of your individual circuit times. You can follow the current leaderboard here. When season two ends on Sept. 30, there will be a $100 gift card for the best overall season two time.

Good luck!

This is the third in a sequence of blog posts regarding Credera Cup.

  • For further information about Credera Cup Season One, please read this blog post by Justin Bell.

  • For further information about how Credera uses analytics and competition to engage with technical talent, please read this blog post, also by Justin Bell.

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