Jun 09, 2021

5 Ways to Kill Projects & Fuel Innovation

Kara Williams
Blake Barnes

Kara Williams and Blake Barnes

5 Ways to Kill Projects & Fuel Innovation

There is a lot going on in today’s world. And with the distractions, diversions, and dilemmas reducing your freedom to think creatively and prioritize effectively, business leaders can easily become busy with the wrong tasks. These tasks are not the deep work, free thinking exploration that founders, leaders, and employees should be spending time on to shake up the status quo.

Most organizations are excellent at adding initiatives based on new insight and creativity, but what we haven't figured out is how to kill projects that stifle innovation, drag out our workday, or siphon the fuel for business value creation.

Killing projects might be the start of a leader's journey towards focused freedom and true innovation.

In this document, 5 Ways to Kill Projects & Fuel Innovation, two Credera innovation experts unpack the need for deprioritization, five tactics to leverage when killing off projects, and how to fuel innovation through successful prioritization.

Using Credera’s techniques to kill projects and fuel innovation, you can:

  1. Optimize freedom to think, dream, act, and create.

  2. Fuel creativity to bring ideas forward.

  3. Optimize creativity to focus on the best ideas.

  4. Create value for your teams and company.

Download the guide.

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