Mar 14, 2019

4 Questions Job Seekers Should Ask From Entrepreneur Magazine

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

4 Questions Job Seekers Should Ask From Entrepreneur Magazine

For experienced job seekers, taking the next step in your career can be a daunting task. Especially in the consulting and technology fields, there is an abundance of opportunities for qualified applicants. At the same time, changing companies can be risky. How do you know if the grass is really greener and if a company and role is the best possible fit?

Entrepreneur recently published a list of questions job seekers should be asking during the interview process to make sure they are making a smart next step in their career:

1. Besides high performance, what does the company value?

Asking questions about what the company prioritizes is a helpful way to understand if you would be motivated there. For example, Credera’s core values are fundamental to our identity as a firm. As Entrepreneur puts it, “Credera champions a servant mindset as one of its core values, and its pro bono work with organizations like VNA, Meals on Wheels, and Habitat for Humanity. The company sees those organizations’ ability to serve others as connecting with its own goal of innovating technology to meet people’s needs.”

On the other side of the interview process, we are looking for individuals who share our value of others-focused servant leadership.

2. What does success look like in this role?

Gaining a clear understanding for the expectations and responsibilities of a particular role is important for any job seeker—regardless of their background or experience. At the same time, no employer wants to hire someone who might be unsuccessful in a role, so it is also in the company’s best interest to share as much as possible with candidates about what makes someone successful. Credera is currently rolling out a public level-by-level explanation of employee success factors for each open role on our website to help give candidates clarity.

3. What do you wish you would have known before you joined the company?

Not only is this a great open-ended question, it also provides candidates a great opportunity to dig into an interviewer’s background and understand if they might be a good co-worker or mentor. At Credera, we survey our employees regularly (both formally and informally) to understand if what was communicated to them in the interview process is accurate compared to what they experience as an employee. Resoundingly the answer is “yes,” but when we learn of mistakes or that we have miscommunicated something we’ve been quick to make changes to our process to increase transparency for candidates. It is important to us that potential hires understand exactly the kind of team they are joining and are not surprised after taking an offer.

4. How would you describe your/the boss’s management style?

Finally, understanding the leadership style of a future manager is another best practice for job seekers. This question is open-ended enough to garner candid responses regarding a leader’s style, preferences, and priorities. As mentioned earlier, Credera values servant leadership, humility, and open communication. Those who are successful in our model rise to leadership positions because they embody these characteristics. Our hope is that candidates see this clearly during the interview process and those who align with our values say “yes” to joining the Credera family.

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