Luxury Automotive Manufacturer

Transitioning global media and creative business seamlessly to achieve marketing centralization and transformation.

Credera and Omnicom partnered to stand up a global agency to serve a leading luxury automotive manufacturer, enabling global marketing activity across 4 regions, 41 countries, and 5 business units in just 71 business days.

At a Glance

A global luxury automotive manufacturer needed to quickly transition all marketing activities across 41 markets in 71 business days to ensure cross-functional teams were prepared to deliver against global workstream demands on day one of the contract without putting any current in-flight work at risk.

Credera and other Omnicom agencies partnered to transfer and centralize all creative assets at a global, regional and local market level. The agency group systematically executed “dry-run” sessions which pressure-tested the ability to deliver against day one objectives. To proactively prepare for transformation, the team brought in subject matter experts and deployed a hub and spoke model across workstream centers of excellence resulting in immediate value for the client. Through program leadership and workstream management, the team successfully laid the foundation for business transformation by transitioning all marketing systems, processes, people, and assets in less than three months.

The Challenge

Transitioning a global marketing organization to enable future transformation.

A leading global luxury automotive manufacturer needed to transition global media and creative marketing across 4 regions, 5 business units, and 41 markets to fully transform its services through centralization and efficiency within 71 business days. The luxury automotive manufacturer wanted to accomplish this through a centralized model globally.

The Solution

Enabling transformation through seamless transition.

To accomplish this goal, Credera quickly identified a program structure that would allow the new agency group to ensure that no in-flight work was put at risk. In partnership with other Omnicom agencies, Credera identified ten distinct workstreams in which the luxury automotive manufacturer was operating globally and brought in the relevant subject matter experts across all ten workstreams. Additionally, the agency identified individuals with extensive work history in the four active regions in which the luxury automotive manufacturer operated. This allowed the group to ensure that relevant experts were driving the transition of in-flight work and preparing for future planned work. The group also developed a secure, standardized process for transferring and centralizing all creative assets without compromising the transition timeline or quality of assets.

Credera in partnership with other Omnicom agencies enabled cross-functional teams to meet day one delivery objectives by documenting, pressure testing, and rehearsing usage of all systems, processes, and assets through “day-in-the-life” dry-run simulations. The team laid the foundation for transformation by deploying a hub and spoke model, where centers of excellence were established for each workstream to centralize and deliver against briefs across each. By identifying these key workstreams and their underlying processes and through the deployment of the hub model, the team enabled a seamless transition to the new “business as usual” for the luxury automotive manufacturer.

The Results

Turning transition into sustainable ways of working.

Through diligent, coordinated transition efforts, the team transferred over 3 years’ worth (18+ terabytes) of global creative assets, and met over 15 transition milestones to ensure ongoing legal compliance and commercial accountability. The team developed 115 detailed commercial offers resulting in €55M annualized value (excluding North America). Marketing activity globally was successfully transitioned in 71 business days, providing a seamless business-as-usual experience for the luxury automotive manufacturer, and preparing the global team for transformation.

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