Retail Energy Provider

Improving customer experience with an AWS native platform solution.

Credera partnered with a leading retail energy provider to build an elastic cloud native platform solution to support their growth and enable a consistent customer experience.

At a Glance

A leading retail energy provider needed to find a solution that could keep up with it's growth and create a seamless customer experience. They partnered with Credera to build an elastic cloud native platform solution, leveraging AWS native services. The retail energy provider has created a consistent user experience for its customers and has already seen improved cost savings through reduced expenses during low utilization.

The Challenge

Enabling a consistent customer experience.

The retail energy provider's demand intake platform was not elastic creating a negative customer experience during peak times and a high cost of ownership during low utilization. The goal was to create an online platform capable of supporting multiple company brands while scaling with customer demand.

The Solution

Leveraging AWS native services.

Credera leveraged AWS native services (i.e., Lambda, DynamoDB, X-Ray) to develop and deploy a cloud native application capable of scaling on demand while providing security, reliability, and efficiency. The team of engineers shifted the AWS architecture to IaC and implemented DevOps pipeline accelerating cloud adoption and go-to-market.

The Results

Scalable and seamless solution.

As a result of the partnership with Credera, the leading retail energy provide has seen the following results:

  • Demand intake platform scales based upon customer demand maintaining a consistent user experience

  • Improved cost saving through reduced expenses during low utilization

  • Enabled shorter release cycles increasing new product features velocity

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