FTSE 100 Energy Company

Migrating global energy company from mega data centers to public cloud.

Credera took over this large-scale program to meet an aggressive timeline and restricted budget.

At a Glance

A global energy company needed to move to a modern way of working with a more sustainable footprint, so a decision was made to move to the cloud. However, ownership over delivery was confused, causing delays and costly lease extensions. Credera came on board and increased the migration speed by 200%. We introduced dashboards for reporting and tracking the program’s success. As a result, no further lease extensions were required.

The Challenge

Large-scale migration on a tight deadline and budget.

Cloud offers many benefits to businesses, but getting on to the cloud can be a tricky process. Our client required a large-scale migration of their applications from a mega data center, but existing governance of the program caused delays and unnecessary data center lease extensions. The limited tracking and ownership of the project also meant that C-suite sponsors were not kept up to date with progress in a meaningful way.

The Solution

Taking ownership, delivering the migration, and introducing automated reporting dashboards.

We implemented a new agile group operating model that was able to deliver migration in stages and respond to any unseen changes or challenges. It could also be scaled up and down depending on the people, processes, and tools needed to execute and support the migration workload.

We also created high-, medium-, and low-level integrated plans that were used to easily track dependencies across delivery projects and re-plan activity accordingly.

Our technical expertise and migration experience also allowed us to introduce standardized reporting and dashboards for centralized tracking, giving full visibility of the entire program’s activity.

The Results

Migration of 1,840 application instances to Azure and AWS platforms.

Credera delivered on time and exited the U.S. mega data center, avoiding a costly extension. The migration activity included 1,840 applications, 3,100 servers, and over 1,200 TB of data. The Credera operating model was implemented for the last year of the migration window and delivered 49% of the app migrations and the full data migration. This was a 200% increase in speed.

The operating model and reporting functionality has been scaled to include three new programs of work, including reducing cyber risk through upgrading and migration of serviceable life servers, and moving out of the clients' regional and European data centers.

This has allowed the client to move toward their net zero targets by migrating from high carbon data centers to a greener alternative on the cloud at an accelerated pace.

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