Leading Automotive Manufacturer

Improving processing through automated code execution.

Credera and a leading automotive manufacturer partnered to create a platform designed for maximizing efficiency and reliability

At a Glance

Credera partnered with a leading automotive manufacturer to migrate data and analytics resources hosted in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and establish an infrastructure as code (IaC) approach. By implementing a new set of strategic terraform capabilities, Credera empowered the manufacturer to plan for ever-evolving business models with minimal maintenance support.

The Challenge

Establishing a reliable infrastructure approach

A leading automotive manufacturer and retailer leads distribution, marketing, and customer service for all of its vehicle products in the U.S. The manufacturer offers diverse luxury automobiles, including all-electric vehicles, SUVs, sedans, and vans.

Credera worked with the manufacturer to identify strategic data and analytics resources hosted in GCP to be migrated to a client-owned instance. The manufacturer also lacked experience establishing an IaC approach for setup. Through the partnership, Credera and the manufacturer identified common capabilities and established an automated operations process to improve the reliability of the infrastructure.

The Solution

Implementing improved capabilities to boost platform reliability

After assessing the key resources and developing a deep understanding of the existing DevOps processes, Credera identified a set of terraform capabilities that manage resource setup, identity and access provisioning, and maintain the GCP projects following an IaC approach. Credera built these capabilities in a two-month timeframe to improve the reliability of the platform.

The Results

Enhancing operations and reducing maintenance through automated code execution

The manufacturer is now able to stand up environments for new regions, modify configurations, and maintain operations through automated code execution. This IaC setup reduced maintenance on the support team and mitigated future disaster recovery risks. The manufacturer is now empowered to plan for ever-evolving business models and optimize data and analysis processing with minimal support.

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