Luxury Automotive Manufacturer

Activating a global media and creative team to achieve marketing transformation.

As part of a group of over 17 Omnicom agencies, Credera partnered with a leading global luxury automotive manufacturer to deliver a global training strategy and centralized onboarding program for over 1,000 people across 17 agencies. We conducted 796 interviews and mobilized 15 training programs to enable mass marketing transformation and develop the ‘agency of the future.’

At a Glance

A leading global luxury automotive manufacturer wanted to hire over 250 people across the globe in less than three months to enable and transform the marketing organization at pace. As part of a collaborative new agency group, Credera worked with other Omnicom agencies to design an effective centralized training strategy, deliver training methods, and streamline reporting at a global and regional level. Through program leadership and delivery, Credera enabled the ‘agency of the future’ involving 1,000 people and 17 agencies with the right skills and tools to work together efficiently.

The Challenge

Transforming a marketing organization through centralization.

A leading luxury automotive manufacturer wanted to transform their marketing organization during the transition of global media and creative across 41 markets. The organization wanted to accomplish this through a centralized model and an “always on” service to deliver on demand, high-quality marketing across 41 markets at pace.

The large-scale transition and mobilization of an ‘always on’ service brought operational challenges of onboarding, training, and recruitment across four regions, five business units and 41 countries. To address these challenges, Credera mobilized a transformation office, made up of transition leads across all regions, business units, and countries within 14 days. The team managed the transition including hiring, onboarding, training, and recruitment for over 250 people across the globe in only 71 days to continue business as usual.

The Solution

Streamlining and centralizing through teamwork.

Credera and the Omnicom team worked collaboratively to manage the transition at pace, including streamlining and centralizing transition and recruitment tracking to increase visibility at a global and regional level. By working collaboratively, the Omnicom network of agencies was leveraged to recruit top talent into critical roles and offshore resources were mobilized to provide instant delivery for the automotive manufacturer. Credera also worked with Omnicom agencies to create an effective training strategy, training plan, and onboarding process to create a seamless experience for the luxury automotive manufacturer.

The Results

Translating teamwork into results.

Credera worked with fellow Omnicom agencies to enable the agency model of the future, made up of 17 agencies in one integrated team. Credera set a training strategy and plan, consisting of scalable training interventions that would support the ongoing growth of the agency. Through 760 interviews, over 250 people were hired to transform the marketing organization and our transition and recruitment reporting helped to drive visibility of recruitment and onboarding. Five offshore hubs were also mobilized to drive centralized efficiencies and 150 offshore team members were mobilized to deliver cost-savings to the automotive manufacturer.

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