FTSE 100 Energy Company

Transforming FTSE 100 energy company’s global device refresh programme.

Credera worked in partnership with the client to completely overhaul this costly and complex device refresh programme.

At a Glance

A leading energy company wanted to transform the way their employees across the globe refreshed their hardware and software. To accomplish this, they needed a completely new approach to the problem and one that saved money as well as time. Credera eliminated the need for this costly refresh programme by building a new company portal and helped to define a better way of recognising users who were eligible for a device refresh.

The Challenge

Using technology to innovate new ways of working.

Offering employees a modern and digital-first way of working is key to employee retention and effective collaboration. Our client felt that their current device refresh programme was inefficient and offered a poor experience to their employees.

The traditional device refresh programme was required every five years, typically costing £250m, and this was drawn from central IT capital expenditure. There were also complex localised challenges, such as language, data privacy, licensing, and procurement issues. 

We led the overhaul of this project by leading two critical programme teams - the first team defining and delivering the technology change, and the second team deploying 65,000 devices in 400 sites across 50 countries.

The Solution

Identifying and managing two critical programme teams.

Once the solution had been identified, we led two critical programme teams - the Technical Delivery team and the Eligibility and Deployment team.

The Technical Delivery team was made up of architecture, build, infrastructure, app remediation, change, and communications functions, whilst our Eligibility and Deployment team were responsible for deploying 65,000 devices in 400 sites across 50 countries.

We also provided Agile delivery coaching, programme delivery assurance, and took the lead on delivering reporting and data analytics.

The Results

Redefining strategy and successfully delivering the programme.

By redefining the client's entire strategy, we eliminated the need for a company-wide refresh programme in the future.

The client’s staff are now able to order devices with a single click from a central portal, and have secure access to apps and data independent of device and network connectivity.

The transfer of costs to business OpEx has also allowed the company to maintain a tighter control over budgets, as IT teams are now able to locally define the users eligible for a device refresh.

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