Oil & Gas Company

Reducing costs with new infrastructure design.

An oil and gas company partnered with Credera to conduct software selection and design and deploy corporate and field infrastructure.

At a Glance

An oil and gas exploration and production startup with significant private equity backing comprised of former industry executives engaged Credera to conduct a software selection, design and deploy corporate and field infrastructure, and implement nine software systems concurrently to facilitate real-time monitoring of operations. Credera’s assessment helped lead the oil and gas company to more than $1 million in infrastructure savings, and the newly implemented systems allowed the client to enable real-time maintenance of over 200 natural gas wells. At the time of Credera’s engagement, the company consisted of five employees and was undertaking a $1.2 billion asset purchase.

The Challenge

Maintaining operational efficiency.

An oil and gas company needed to modernize their systems in order to enable real-time maintenance. Credera was engaged to perform primary systems selection, design the necessary infrastructure, assist in the data migration efforts, and provide advisory support for organizational structure and budget forecasting. This was followed by an implementation of nine software systems and the deployment of organization-wide infrastructure. ​

The Solution

Implementing nine, upgraded software systems.

Credera conducted vendor discovery, demonstrations, and selection to meet the oil and gas company's needs. Next, the team conducted cross-vendor planning for the implementation phase.

During the design and implementation phase, Credera contributed the following:

  • Provided technical support for the company's systems and infrastructure​.

  • Conducted business process design for accounting, IT, and technical infrastructure​.

  • Designed technical infrastructure to support the organization across four locations​.

  • Accelerated the takeover of field operations by three months over a one-month period​.

  • Coordinated the migration of an operational supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system as part of the asset transfer​.

  • Led the implementation, testing, and deployment of nine software systems concurrently over a four-month period.

The Results

Savings of over $1 million in infrastructure costs.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs​

Credera’s assessment and guidance helped lead the company to more than $1 million in infrastructure savings​.

Facilitated and Accelerated Operation Takeover​

Credera provided the expertise necessary to accelerate the takeover of field operations and operationalize a $1.2 billion asset over an eight-month runway​.

Enabled Real-Time Operation and Evaluation​

Newly implemented systems allowed the company to enable real-time maintenance of over 200 natural gas wells.

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