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CredAbility was created to foster an inclusive environment and provide internal resources to increase knowledge and awareness of disabilities. Our aim is to promote equality, inclusiveness, and acceptance for Credera team members affected by disabilities.

For everything from physical disabilities to dyslexia and neurodivergence, our team members are equipped with the tools and understanding necessary to navigate and thrive in an inclusive workplace. CredAbility stands as a testament to Credera’s dedication to creating a workplace where each and every individual can flourish and contribute meaningfully to our collective success.

Vikalp Jain
Bree McKenna
Kimberly Webb
Vikalp Jain
Bree McKenna
Kimberly Webb

Our Approach

The mission of CredAbility.

CredAbility focuses on the visible and invisible disabilities our family, friends, colleagues, and clients live with every day. As a diverse organization, we recognize the challenges faced and the opportunities open to us all.

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Build and maintain a common understanding of all visible and invisible conditions so we are better prepared as an organization to appreciate and include all colleagues.

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Lead through building internal resources, knowledge, and expertise in disabilities, while applying this thinking to our client engagements and needs.

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Review our recruitment policies and processes to consider disabilities. We ensure those involved in the recruitment process are prepared and confident to talk to candidates with a disability.

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Build community

Build trust across our organization so our colleagues can talk openly about their personal experiences and challenges associated with disability.

What’s happening within CredAbility?

Credability Activites

What’s happening within CredAbility?

We are focused on promoting awareness months as well as providing community for Credera employees with disabilities and allies. We also serve as a resource to increase inclusion for persons with disabilities in recruiting, learning, and development. All Credera team members are invited and encouraged to attend in-person and virtual events.

Credability Spotlight

Panel discussions.

In 2023, the CredAbility teams hosted a panel discussing neurodiversity in the workplace. Attendees were joined by Cathy Rashidian, a neurodiversity speaker, as well as members of Credera who each spoke about their individual experiences. The goal was to decrease the stigma around neurodiversity and to help everyone feel more comfortable bringing their true selves to work.

We also hosted our first Accommodations Q&A in partnership with our HR team this year. Our aim was to increase team members' awareness of the processes and benefits of requesting accommodations from our HR team and reduce any stigmas associated with making accommodations requests.

Panel discussions.
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As someone who’s been disabled all my life, it’s been amazing getting to discuss others’ diverse experiences with disability and see real change as a result. Leading CredAbility has been a transformative experience for me personally and professionally, and I’m excited to see our team continue building upon our work.
Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson