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AI is creating a paradigm shift and impacting all areas of business. The foundational components start with the right strategies and technology stack. But learning about the areas you have it “right” and where you need to focus can be daunting. By starting with business value as the goal instead of the technology, you can use AI to increase productivity, efficiency, and business insights. This allows your team to focus on achieving your strategic goals. Explore our insights and point of view on AI to increase productivity.


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AI vs. no code: Higher abstraction tooling

Podcast: Listen to tech experts discuss when and where leaders should use low-code tools and generative AI, risks to consider, and best practices for leveraging emerging technology.

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The path towards ML-ightenment

Pocket guide: Discover the underlying principles of MLOps and reasons why it’s gained recent popularity among technology leaders in our downloadable guide.

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Benefits of AI: Efficiency, safety, & reliability

Insight: Read the practical use cases for leveraging AI and explore how successful AI-implementation could transform your organization.

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MLOps systems for minimal maintenance

Insight: Unearth best practices for developing a sustainable, self-maintaining MLOps system.

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Leveraging machine learning anomaly detection

Case study: See how leveraging machine learning improved website security with real-time, automated anomaly detection.

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The benefits & dangers of large language models

Podcast: Tune in to hear why technology leaders should adopt a thoughtful approach when using large language models and practical ways they can do so ethically.

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Our AI offerings & capabilities

Beat the odds, create value, and gain a competitive advantage with our tailored AI solutions.

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AI Global Council

Meet the AI leaders who are at the forefront of advancing AI technologies, policies, and ethics on a global scale.

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The Technology Tangents Podcast

Tune into to discuss the today’s emerging technologies and how organizations should navigate the implications for tomorrow.

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