Content Factory

Leveraging the Adobe platform, this content supply chain solution optimizes your processes and empowers your teams.


A single, unified platform.

Automatically sync your environments to ensure consistency to save time and money. Streamline processes such as asset management, inventory management, task tracking, document storage and delivery, and workflow automation by improving asset access and sharing and eliminating manual tasks.

Adobe Workfront

Coordinate marketing processes from strategy and inception through to creative, production, and analytics. Optimize resources with transparency along the way.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Harness the power of creativity with the world’s leading creative apps and services, giving your teams the tools and support they need to do their best work.

Adobe Experience Manager

Build cohesive, memorable brand experiences on a robust, world-class platform and tell your customers a consistent story across all properties and channels.

How We Can Help

Create stand-out customer experiences.

Content Factory integrates Workfront with Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) so your teams can work better together. It connects project managers working in Adobe Workfront, visual designers in Adobe Creative Cloud (like Photoshop), content authors in AEM, and marketers who use that content to create engaging customer experiences.  

By improving asset access and sharing while eliminating manual tasks, teams have achieved 36% faster revenue growth rates and streamlined processes such as:

  • Asset management  

  • Inventory management  

  • Intake process  

  • Task tracking  

  • Document storage and delivery  

  • Workflow automation 

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