Dec 30, 2020

The Dallas Morning News Amplifies Credera Listens Initiative

Sarah Bruner

Sarah Bruner

The Dallas Morning News Amplifies Credera Listens Initiative

Throughout 2020, the Credera team has taken intentional and proactive steps to open up our hearts and minds to one another. Through our Credera Listens initiative, we have worked to create space to learn and grow by listening to diverse experiences, unique perspectives, and challenging questions. This initiative has started with a four-part, panel-style series featuring executives with diverse experiences where we discuss racism, allyship, anti-racism, and other topics.

What started as an internal initiative has transformed into something that we’re sharing with our communities. We were honored to see The Dallas Morning News share the initiative in their recent article about how organizations are responding to the current racial reckoning.

The article quotes our CEO and President, Justin Bell, about his experience hosting the panels:

I asked them to share elements of their background and experience so that our people can learn, develop more empathy and ultimately become better allies. We just published each of the panel discussions as well as some of our key takeaways from the panelists experience on our website, and starting Tuesday, Dec. 1, we will disseminate them through LinkedIn and other social media channels.

We’re grateful to the panelists from different organizations and backgrounds who participated in each session. They shared difficult experiences and raised thought-provoking questions. Their openness and vulnerability created the opportunity for Crederians and others to interact with their ideas and experiences. May they bring healing, hope, and inspiration for action.

Explore the sessions at this page or navigate to the specific sessions below:

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Credera is listening, and we hope you are as well. If you're interested in connecting on this topic, please feel free to contact us at and a member of Credera's Diversity & Inclusion team will connect with you.

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