Jan 26, 2022

Credera Hosts Diversity Day to Bring Awareness to Employee Resource Groups

Rhea Horton

Rhea Horton

Credera Hosts Diversity Day to Bring Awareness to Employee Resource Groups

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are strategic business initiatives at Credera. We’re on an ongoing journey to create a workplace that’s inclusive, diverse, equitable, and promotes a healthy work environment, because we believe diversity provides a vast range of voices and thought. This all leads to belonging and inspires innovation, which are good for the individual as well as Credera itself. 

One of our channels for pursuing growth in the diversity, equity, inclusion, and wellbeing (DEI&W) space is through our employee resource groups (ERGs), the Credera Celebrates organization, and the DE&I Committee. Our ERGs and DE&I groups provide opportunities for people to connect, be inspired, and make change. Each ERG and DE&I group has their own mission, purpose, and opportunities to make an extraordinary impact on our colleagues and community.

To ensure every employee was aware of the available ERGs and DE&I groups, Credera hosted our first annual Diversity Day with our U.S.-based employees.  

Diversity Day at Credera

Diversity Day was a two-hour open house event that gave Credera employees a chance to visit with and learn about our various DE&I groups and ERGs. With the recent creation of two new ERGs and many new Credera team members joining the firm, we wanted to ensure all Credera employees were aware of the various communities and causes they could be a part of and support. 

During this open house event, leaders and representatives from each ERG and diversity group hosted a short presentation as new employees “dropped in” to learn more about the group’s initiatives, upcoming events, and how to further connect with the group.  

For every group a Credera employee visited with (i.e., joined their five- to 10-minute presentation), their attendance was counted toward a donation from each group to a charity they support. The more Credera team members who attended, the more dollars we gave away! We are proud to report our Credera staff showed up and we donated over $2,500!

Below is a list of our U.S. groups and the causes they donated to. 

An Overview of Credera’s ERGs and DE&I Groups

Credera Women’s Network (CWN)

Founded in 2012, the CWN creates opportunities for new and existing members to learn, connect,

grow, and develop, while also working to attract and retain top female leaders to the firm. The CWN’s mission is to build and promote a community within the firm focused on recruiting, educating, developing, and connecting the women of Credera.

Donations were made to Girls Who Code.

Learn more about the CWN:

OpenPride Credra (OPC)

OPC was developed to fuel the growth, organizational inclusion, and business success of Credera’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees and allies. OPC is dedicated to promoting acceptance and advocacy. This group aims to create visibility, awareness, and dialogue within the larger organization. 

Donations were made to The Trevor Project.

Learn more about OpenPride Credra:


CredCOLOR wants to foster a welcoming environment for Credera team members of all marginalized groups and provide tools to help them grow both personally and professionally through building a community, striving for inclusion, leadership development, and supporting diversity recruiting efforts.

Donations were made to National DiversityCouncil.

Learn more about CredColor:

Credera Veteran’s Network (CVN)

CVN aims to improve client outcomes, increase Credera connectedness, and contribute to veteran causes. CVN’s mission is to mobilize Credera team members to creatively procure, activate, and support veteran talent.

Donations were made to The Honor Foundation.

Learn more about Credera Veteran’s Network:


Credera’s newest ERG, Credera Thrive, aims to serve our people by promoting physical, mental, and social wellbeing. We support initiatives that focus on mental health and wellbeing awareness as well as education and support for employees dealing with mental health issues while promoting diversity and inclusion.

Donations were made to Mental Health America.

DE&I Committee

The DE&I Committee was created in 2017 to formally develop diversity programming and initiatives that would contribute to the overall business development and strategy. The DE&I Committee incubates and initiates firm-wide activities to promote diverse perspectives, attract and retain talent, and foster belonging.

Donations were made to Girls Inc.

Credera Celebrates

Credera Celebrates highlights the minority faiths, groups, cultures, and backgrounds our people represent. Our Credera Celebrates team plans meaningful events and informative communication to Credera, promoting awareness of and the experience of holidays, festivals, and celebrations important to members of our Credera family and the communities we live in. 

Donations were made to the Posse Foundation.

 Learn about a Credera Celebrates events here:

Come Grow With Us

We believe Credera is a place where diverse opinions are valued and people are given the tools and encouraged to grow into their best selves.

If this culture sounds like something you value, we’d love to share more. We invite you to visit our careers page or reach out to us to learn more about how you could fit at Credera.

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