Nov 16, 2022

Credera Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

Carolina Solis

Carolina Solis

Credera Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month this year, Credera proudly celebrated the richly diverse cultures, extensive histories, and the many contributions of the Hispanic and Latinx people through many fun and informative events.

“Hispanic Heritage Month is another opportunity to reflect in gratitude, connect over delicious meals, and celebrate the cultural richness and diverse stories within the LatinX community.” – Carolina Herrera (Senior Designer, Experience Design)

A team from our CredColor employee resource group hosted five different events focused on sharing employees’ personal journeys and highlighting multiple aspects of their Hispanic culture. Credera team members in attendance were invited to reflect upon their own experiences and ask questions.

“Hispanic Heritage Month allows me to share and celebrate with others the culture that shaped me into who I am today.” – Carolina Solis (Manager, Management Consulting)

Throughout the month, Credera employees of all backgrounds were able to connect and create fond memories through cooking together and sharing delicious Hispanic foods and drinks.

“Hispanic Heritage Month means celebrating our humble beginnings while also encouraging connectedness amongst all.” – Raquel Azcue (Consultant, Technology Solutions)

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations at Credera

Here is an overview of a few ways we celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month in 2022:

1. ¿De Dónde Somos? (Where Are We From?) Part 1: Carolina Herrera, a senior designer in experience design, and Jose Briones, an architect in technology solutions, shared their personal journey stories, taught fun facts about Venezuela and Mexico, and celebrated their roots by discussing their favorite traditions.


2. Cafecito con Dulce (Coffee with Sweets): Credera team members were invited to pick up their favorite Hispanic sweets and coffee from local shops and gathered to showcase various desserts from different regions in Latin America.

3. Comidas Culturales (Cultural Foods): Ileana Martinez, a senior consultant in management consulting, hosted a virtual cooking class, teaching Credera employees how to make ‘pupusas con curtido,’ which is a Salvadoran dish made of a thick corn tortilla stuffed with a savory filling with a side of a mixture of cabbage and carrots.

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4. ¿De Dónde Somos? (Where Are We From?) Part 2: Eddy Ymeri, a senior designer in experience design, and Carlos Rodriguez, a manager in management consulting, talked about their family history and shared interesting facts about Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

5. Fiesta: To wrap up Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations, Briones showcased how to craft delicious Hispanic drinks.

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