Feb 28, 2022

Credera Celebrates Black History Month in 2022

Credera Team

Credera Team

Credera Celebrates Black History Month in 2022

In recognition of Black History Month in 2022, Credera proudly celebrated Black culture and highlighted why Black History Month matters through many fun, unique, and reflective initiatives.

“Black History Month is a time of reflection and celebration in honor of the accomplishments of those who paved the way for us,” said Alycia Holland, a Credera manager in Houston. “It inspires me to continue the push for change for the next generation.”

A team from our CredColor employee resource group hosted eight different educational and social programs for Credera team members to get involved in. Together we learned, created energy, and reflected on how important Black history and Black culture is to all of us. 

“Black History Month, to me, means celebrating all of our successes to close the gap in equity for people of color, especially Black folks,” said Jeffory Elliot, a Credera manager in New York. “I celebrate by remembering sacrifices made in the past to allow me to hold space in today’s world, by lifting other Black folks up, and striving to encourage more #BlackExcellence!”

Throughout the month, we also highlighted points of intersectionality by partnering with fellow Credera employee resource groups—including Credera Women’s NetworkOpen Pride Credera, and Credera Veterans Network—to bring content that speaks to the multitudes of diverse experiences within the black diaspora. 

“Black History Month means honoring the bravery and fortitude of our forebearers and ensuring we take the time to acknowledge and support those who are creating positive change that will benefit all peoples!” said Kyler Starks, a Credera manager in Denver.

Here is an overview of a few ways we celebrated Black History Month in 2022:

Black History Month Celebrations at Credera

  1. For The Culture: A Deep Dive Into Music and Food – Credera leaders explored the evolution and variety of music and food within the American and African American cultures.

  2. Cooking Night With Comfort Morris – Credera brought in chef Comfort Morris to host a cooking class where participants made red beans and rice with a Southern lady cocktail!

  3. Understanding Racism by Jeff Rogers – Credera’s Talent Development team sponsored trainings by educator Jeff Rogers who spoke on race and racism through an engaging and highly recommended workshop. The interactive course walked employees through what racism really is and isn’t, the surprising ways it manifests, the physiological underpinnings of why it’s so difficult to eradicate, and what everyone can do to decrease its influence in their own lives. 

  4. CredColor X OPC: Media Night – We celebrated the Black LGBT experience through a watch party media night, hosted by OpenPride Credera, and discussed how to best be advocates for Black LGBT+ members.

  5. For the Culture: A Deep Dive Into Dance – Credera leaders presented a history on the evolution of dance, the influence that African Americans have had on various dance genres throughout American history, and the continual influence African Americans have through social media and the entertainment industry.

  6. CredColor Presents: Let's Dance With Jeffory Elliott – Credera’s very own Jeff Elliott led our employees through a dance class to learn a contemporary hip-hop dance.

  7. CredColor x CVN: Recognizing Black Heroes – Credera Veterans Network shared a presentation that celebrated the lives of Black military heroes and their significant sacrifice.

  8. CredColor x CWN: Black Women Making History – We explored the current impact of Black women to American society, the personal stories of Black women at Credera, and discussed how to better advocate for Black women. 

Come Grow With Us 

At Credera, we have a culture that values the many unique perspectives, backgrounds, and histories our employees represent. If you’re interested in a career at Credera and beginning your journey, please visit our careers page.

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