Scott Covington

Partner and Mergers and Acquisitions

Scott is a Partner over Mergers & Acquisitions, helping grow the firm in U.S. and Europe. With 25 years of experience across a broad array of industries, Scott enjoys helping C-level executives set and achieve multi-year visions and coaching consulting professionals toward life and career growth. Over his years at Credera, Scott served in team leadership roles in various practices and strategies, including Management Consulting, Houston geography, Analytics, Texas A&M recruiting, Diversity and Inclusion, and Experience Design, and currently serves on the Diversity and Inclusion and Strategy and Investments committees.

Scott led a digital transformation engagement with Credera from 2009 to 2012 and joined as a Partner 2012. Prior to his time at Credera, Scott was the COO at private equity firm, Macfarlan Capital Partners. He co-founded and led two venture-backed technology start-ups as CEO and was Vice President of Strategy at Brierley & Partners. Scott began management consulting at Andersen Consulting (Accenture) specializing in large-scale transformations.

Scott completed Accenture professional development courses, Disney leader program, graduated Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree and earned a certificate in Finance & Accounting at Stanford University Graduate School of Business. He enjoys adventures with his wife and three kids, SCUBA diving, flying airplanes, fly fishing, snow skiing, lawn mowing, serving as a board director at the AMC charitable foundation, and as an elder at his church. 

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